Dawamee Program

“Dawamee” digital portal was established in 2019 to empower Emiratis by providing them access to remote and part-time job opportunities. The platform connects employers with suitable job seekers, with a specific focus on Emiratis. Unlike other portals, it also offers screening and filtration applications for employers.

Dawamee is aligned with EF strategy that aims to to achieve community resilience through aware, empowered, and equipped community members. Dawamee will work intensively to enhance the value of obtaining flexible work opportunities for Emirati job seekers, to increase awareness of the importance of the private sector, and to match supply and demand in the market, in order to build a ready and active community that has diverse experiences in facing the current job challenges.

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Dawamee Program Focus

Main Objectives

Link Emirati job seekers with flex Jobs opportunities from different sectors
Increase the awareness on the importance of flexible job culture, private sector opportunities, and current market supply and demand jobs